INVITÉCNICA is a company devoted to procurement, stocking and supply of electro-technical material, accessories and tools for low, medium and high voltage networks, telecommunications and respective technical support, as well as the assembly of cabinets for the distribution of low voltage electricity.

Our company was established in 1986 with a capital stock of PTE 1.500.000$00 (about 7.000,00 EUR) and the first head office was located in Porto. Very soon we reached an important position in the market with recognized technical skill.

In 1997 we raised our capital stock up to PTE 20.000.000$00 (about 100.000,00 EUR) and moved to our actual facilities, a modern building located in the industrial zone of Maia (an industrial park with a big distinction in the north of Portugal), provided with appropriate facilities and good accesses.

In 2000 we started with the implementation of the Quality Management System according to the Standard ISO 9002:1995 culminating in 2003 with the transition to the Standard ISO 9001.

INVITÉCNICA is focused on the customer’s needs based in our experience but focusing always a continuous improvement. We have technical and human resources necessary to provide to our customers quality solutions in products and services.